09 February 2010

Dorothy image;

I just thinking and making dorothy's image,,,

As you can see,it's blogger's top image.
But it hasn't done yet,,,
because I'm not a photoshop professional,,,you know,

I'll up perfect image untill tomorrow!!!!

This is the sewing women on the cloud,
It means my special time during remaking shirts,like fantasy on the cloud.
So,She's ME!!!and if you see carefully,you can find black spot of me!!!hehehe,

Besides,there is one different point as real me.
Can you find that????!!!!!!!!


かなりアナログな作業ですが かなり慣れないフォトショップで着色中

これ一応わたしの設定で よーく見るとちゃんとホクロが 笑
ですがひとつだけ このイメージと実際のわたしと決定的な違いがありますね
さて 何でしょう???????!!!!!!!!!!

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