12 September 2011

Emblem Badge,

I made emblem badge by using felt,and some parts.

08 September 2011

mink fur brooch*

I made fur ribbon broobh by using mink fur :)


ほんものミンクだから身につけると ほんのり あったかいのでおすすめです。
全部微妙に色の風合いが違うので お気に入りを見つけてほしいな

Because of real fur,it make you warm little bit when you wear


to be continued....


converse remake,

And also I'm considering how to remake black converse!!

material girl♪

I've got some fabrics and ribbons,autumn version☆

I'm really looking forward to make new things:)

06 September 2011

Indian Summer~~~

Recently my favorite sunglasses ;)

I made "patch box" by using papers,,,
I really love this way ;)

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