10 November 2011

Janis Joplin Halloween,2011

sorry it's long time to no see.....
Do you know my shop blog?

Recently I always uploads shops' photos in this blog.

but I also enjoy this private blog,too!!!
I'd like to continue....

This year Halloween,
I'd dressed in Janis Joplin!!
I arranged little bit by my way.
Put so many scarves,pins,furs,,,and so on......

That was really fun~~~!!!!!

Real Janis Joplin;
She is so nice, great female singer ......!!!
I'd seen the movie "Rose",modeled her.
It was really emotional movie.
You must know this theme song!!

the movie."Rose",

And theme song"Rose"

 Janis Joplin Halloween all over the world;

Dead Janis Joplin??!!!

See you~~~~

gon! from Tokyo,